CARRS Research Program


Please make sure both teen and parent are present to proceed with the next steps.

Your teen is invited to participate in the following survey.  To participate:

  • Your teen must be in middle or high school.
  • Your teen must be in good physical and emotional health.
  • You (the parent) must provide consent and your teen must agree (provide assent) to participate.

Information provided will be kept confidential

  • We take your teen’s privacy very seriously!
  • All data will be kept in locked and secure databases.

Participation is voluntary

  • Your teen’s participation in CARRS research is completely voluntary. They may refuse to take part in it, or they may stop participating at any time.

Compensation Information

  • Your teen may be invited to participate in additional CARRS research. Compensation for future participation includes earning up to $1050 total.


If your teen would like to participate, click below to begin the survey online.  You may also call us at (412)-639-2992 to complete the survey by phone.  Parents, please allow your teen to complete teen-designated sections in private.